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For assistance with facilities issues (new utilities for your lab, moving large instruments, ventilation additions or problems, space questions, etc.) contact your Department Lab Safety Officer (see below) or the BCOE Facilities contact Todd Ambriz (cell: 951-237-1480). For additional information, visit UCR Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). 

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SIT Guidelines Last updated: 2019-07-23

Safety Resources

Below are links to quickly access some basic campus and BCOE safety resources. Training your laboratory personnel is especially important to ensure the safety of everyone in the lab, to protect the high quality of research, and to safeguard university resources.  At a minimum, all laboratory personnel must complete Laboratory Safety Orientation.  If you have additional questions regarding training, please contact your Department Laboratory Safety Officer or the BCOE Safety contact Perry Cheung at (951) 827-3378.

  • BCOE Laboratory Safety Officers (LSO) and Department Safety Coordinators (DSC) - Primarily, LSOs and DSCs offer help determining what safety rules apply to you or how to comply with safety requirements. They meet monthly to share best practices and tools for understanding and achieving a safe workplace.  In addition, LSOs and DSCs are tasked with sharing meeting information within their departments to facilitate broad participation in safety programs and to help ensure compliance with UC and UCR safety policies. 


Hong Xu

Associate Development Engineer

(951) 827-7235


Kathy Cocker

Associate Development Engineer

(951) 827-2097


Sara Galloway

Assistant III

(951) 827-2401


Manglai Zhou

Research and Development Engineer

(951) 827-2220


Perry Cheung

Research and Development Engineer

(951) 827-3378


Steven Rightnar

Lab Manager

(951) 827-5725


Todd Ambriz

Facilities Manager

(951) 237-1480


Mark Heiden

Principal Development Engineer

(951) 827-2551


Perry Cheung

Research and Development Engineer

(951) 827-3378

Why do we do Lab Audits?

Lab audits are required by law - but this isn't the only reason that lab audits are useful. As we learned from the 2008 researcher death at UCLA, the person in charge of the lab - YOU - are ultimately responsible for everything that happens in your lab.  The lab audit, along with an up-to-date Safety Manual (see below) are excellent tools for ensuring your lab provides a safe working environment, that your personnel have the training and tools necessary to work safely, and that necessary documents are maintained.

The Safety Manual

BCOE designed a red Safety Manual to help Faculty maintain required safety documentation in your research space. Because the red binder has a consistent look, if you are visited by an inspector, s/he will know to look here for your safety documentation. If you don't already have a red binder contact your LSO (see above) or the BCOE Safety contact Perry Cheung (2-3378).  Your Safety Manual includes tabs for:

  • Lab Safety Manual Overview (this comes in the manual)

  • Injury Illness Prevention Plan(this comes in the manual)

  • Department Chemical Hygiene Plan (this comes in the manual)

  • Standard Operating Procedures (provided by you since this is unique to your research)

  • Training Records for you and your team (provided by you)

  • Hazard Assessments (provided by you using the Laboratory Hazard Assessment Tool above)

  • Resources to assist you with safety including tabs for:

    • Other Manuals that you use (such as for equipment)

    • Useful Resources and References

    • Reporting Injuries

    • Emergency Procedures

    • UC/UCR Policies

If you still have questions or haven't found the tool or person you need, please feel free to contact the BCOE Safety contact at (951) 827-3378