Faculty Meeting
Wednesday, February 14, 2018
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Room 215 Winston Chung Hall
  1. Call to order and establish quorum (Ilya Dumer)
  2. Review and approve minutes of 01/31/2018 meeting (I. Dumer)
  3. Discussion and vote for Dr. Susan Hackwood appointment as Professor of the Graduate Division (PGD) (J. Farrell)
  4. Discussion of JPF00822/JPF00823 Computational Materials Cluster Hire candidates, and vote to invite short listed candidates to campus for a formal interview. A summary of short list candidates by search committee presented (R. Lake)
    1. First Tier:
    2. Second Tier:
  5. Discussion of JPF00829/JPF00830 Phonon and Magnon Engineered Materials and Devices Cluster Hire candidates, and vote to invite short listed candidates to campus for a formal interview. (A. Balandin)
    1. First Tier:
    2. Second Tier:
  6. Discussion and vote on Asc Professor Ping Liang merit case file (I. Dumer)
  7. Adjourn (I. Dumer)


Prospective search plans for next year to be announced and discussed in the future.

Payroll System transition update: The new UCPath payroll system is now implemented and online. The new payroll system does not have end dates associated with employees; therefore, it is critical for supervisors to contact Trudi Loder ( / (951) 827-2727), at least 31days prior to termination/separation date of all departing employees. Failure to inform Trudi of the impending termination will result in the former employee(s) to continue receiving pay and benefits until officially terminated through the UCPath payroll system (known as "off boarding"). Supervisors that do not provide adequate notice to Trudi will be responsible for obtaining repayment to the University from the former employee(s). For questions and concerns regarding your pay or those you supervise, contact the Payroll Online Shared Services Center (POSSC) at

W-2 statements:  Your 2017 W-2 statement is now available on At Your Service Online (AYSO).  To obtain W-2 statements for 2017 (and for previous years) visit There is also a link to AYSO on your UCPath Portal via R’Space. W-2 statements for 2018 and future will be available on your UCPath Portal.

Pay statements: Please double check your pay statements for any errors. Please tell your students that you supervise (GSR’s, TA’s, Readers, etc.) to check their statements for errors and tell them to see Trudi as soon as possible so that she can get their pay fixed.

Biweekly and Monthly appointments: Readers are paid on a Biweekly basis and GSRs/TAs are paid monthly.  The new system is unable to pay an individual on both pay cycles, so Readers will have to keep track of their hours on a paper time sheet for the month and Trudi will have to submit hours to the Service Center manually so that the individual will get paid on a monthly basis.

Part-time Lecturer positions available, if you know of any qualified people please encourage them to apply online at: