Ashok Mulchandani's
Bionanotechnology and Biosensors Group



Prof. Mulchandani’s research is focused on the application of Nanotechnology and Biotechnology for the creation of (bio)analytical devices, (bio)energy generation and novel (bio)remediation technologies. 


In the area of (bio)analytical devices he is working on the development of nano-(bio)sensors for detection of viruses, toxins and bacteria in water and food; toxic industrial chemicals in water and air; cardiac, cancer and stress biomarkers for health care; assessment of personal exposure to toxins in air; and biological and chemical warfare agents for homeland security.


In energy generation and storage device area he works on (bio)photovoltaic devices, (bio)fuel cells and batteries.


In the area of (bio)remediation, he works on developing environmentally-friendly (green engineering) techniques for removal of greenhouse gases; degradation of pesticides and recalcitrant chemicals; and heavy metals such as mercury, arsenic, lead and chromium from water and soil.


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