About Us

AIChE is an enginering club on the University of California, Riverside campus offering resources and community for chemical engineers and material science majors. Joining AIChE at UCR means that you would be connected to a network made up of other students, both undergraduate and graduate, that help to support each other and grow in this field, forming bonds that last a lifetime.

For more information about the club, contact us!


Meetings TBA (check before the fall quarter starts). Feel free to join us, and participate in our many events. We have presentations from guest speakers, as well as social events. Check out our events calendar for more information. Hope to see you there!

How to Join

Anyone is welcome to come to our meetings!

In order to officially join the club, you need to join our group here if you are a student at UCR.

Check out our events page in order to start getting involved with AIChE!

Support AIChE

We need all the support we can get from our fellow engineering students! Please support us by participating in our events, fundraisers, and outreach (for time and place see Events). If you have any suggestions for events or fundraisers you'd like to see, contact us.


It is also highly encouraged to join the international AIChE website. Membership is free for students. It also provides job listings, publication access, and more.

How we can help support your project

Here at AIChE, we like to support the projects and competitions that our fellow engineering students are undertaking. Most of these projects are available for all undergraduate students to participate in, so please don't hesitate to ask professors about upcoming undergraduate competitions. These activities will help support your resume for graduate school or careers in industry and give exposure to the real world, as these competitions often aim to solve real world problems. The experiences gained also gives you an opportunity to share your ideas and designs to corporations via conferences.