William P. L. Carter

Research Chemist Emeritus

College of Engineering, Center for Environmental Research and Technology
University of California, Riverside, CA, USA

E-mail: carter@cert.ucr.edu
Phone: (951) 788-8425
Mailing Address: CE-CERT, University of California, Riverside CA 92521

Research Interests

Dr. Carter's research concerns the gas-phase atmospheric reactions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and the assessment of differences among VOCs in their contributions to ozone formation in the atmosphere (their reactivities). This includes development of chemical mechanisms for airshed models (the portions of the models which predict transformation of pollutants in the atmosphere), evaluating these mechanisms using environmental chamber data, utilizing airshed models to develop ozone reactivity ranking scales for VOCs, and conducting environmental chamber experiments to test the mechanisms and evaluate VOC reactivities. Chemical mechanisms and VOC reactivity scales he developed are used by a number of research groups and control agencies. Dr. Carter has also developed an improved indoor environmental chamber facility for chemical mechanism evaluation at low pollutant concentrations that is now being used for research related to VOC reactivity, chemical mechanism evaluation, and secondary organic aerosol (SOA) formation. Dr. Carter is author or co-author of approximately 100 journal articles and approximately 100 technical reports in the areas of atmospheric chemistry, chemical mechanism development, and VOC reactivity assessment.

Selected Publications and Reports (see also Downloadable Documents for downloadable technical reports)

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