UCR Today highlights Center for Talented Youth (CTY) program hosted by UCR faculty, students, and staff including Prof. Haberer and Joshua Plank.


As part of the National Science Foundation's celebration of the International Year of Light, research from the labs of Haberer and Myung is spotlighted in article entitled Like cotton candy? You'll love electrospinning.


Research collaboration between the Haberer Lab and the Innovation Economy Corporation Laboratory (Prof. Myung, CEE) is featured by Nanotechweb.org in a LabTalk article entitled Biological scaffolds boost performance of toxic gas sensors.


Viruses Build Solar Cell Materials - Research from the Haberer Lab is highlighted by NSF SEE Innovation.


The Haberer Lab is featured as part of UCR's unique interdisciplinary Materials Science and Engineering Program by Materials Research Society TV.

The UCR Magazine (Winter 2012) discusses Professors Haberer and Ing collaboration with educators at Mira Loma Middle School in the Jurupa Unified School District in article entitled Increasing the Numbers.


Solar energy lessons taught at Mira Loma Middle School by Professors Haberer and Ing and three UCR undergraduate students enrolled in their service learning course receive widespread media coverage including an appearance on Charter News Local Edition.


InsideUCR recognizes Prof. Haberer's National Science Foundation grant to study viral-template semiconductor materials for solar cell applications.