lab news


8.2017 Class starts soon!

8.2016 AK publishes her first paper in Biotechnology Journal!

5.2016 Yingning publishes her work in ChemBioChem, with a back cover image.

5.2016 Keith Frogue winner of the Chancellors Research Fellowship - Congratulations Keith

4.2016 Our review article in Nature Chemistry is published in the April 2016 issue.

3.2016 Jie, Cory, and Ann-Kathrin present their work at ACS in San Diego

1.2016 Cory publishes in ACS Synthetic Biology

1.2016 Happy New Year!

11.2015 Cory and Jie present there work at AIChE in Salt Lake City.

3.2015 Jie publishes her first paper in Microbial Cell Factories.

2.2015 Yingning paper in ACS Catalysis accepted.

8.5.2014 Aaron Lin publishes our first work on acetyl transferase in PLOS ONE.

7.1.2014 Cory Schwartz and Louis Lancaster join the lab. Welcome!

7.1.2014 MURI award from ARO funds Bio-inspired Design of Adaptive Catalyst Cascades to a team from MSU, UNM, Columbia, UCR (Wheeldon Lab), and Utah.

6.25.2014 Wheeldon Lab receives a contract from DTRA for pathway catalysis to destroy nerve agents.

6.14.2014 Congratulation to Leidy on her MS degree.

5.08.2014 In collaboration with Mark Blenner at Clemson, the Wheeldon lab receives an NSF award from the CBET BBBE program: Intracellular localization of biosynthetic pathways for conversion of lipids to dicarboxylic acids in oleaginous yeast.

1.10.2014 Congratulations to Aaron Lin and Leidy Palomec, their Perspective article in ACS Catalysis was accepted.

1.10.2014 Happy New Year to our new lab members: Aaron Toop and Ann-Kathrin Loebs!

8.28.2013 Our editorial in Biofuels about engineering multi-enzyme pathways is now online.

7.1.2013 Dr. Yingning Gao joins the lab as a post doctoral fellow. Welcome Yingning!

2.19.2013 Aaron Lin publishes a letter in ACS Catalysis

1.22.203 Dr. Wheeldon is awarded the AFOSR Young Investigator Award.

1.14.2013 Dr. Wheeldon presents a poster at the SBE/ICBE conference in Fort Lauderdale FL.

Title: Engineering inter-enzyme bridges to control reactant intermediate flux in enzymatic cascades.

01.01.2013 Happy New Year to Leidy Palomec our new PhD student.

12.11.2012 Dr. Wheeldon visits Mt. San Jacinto College for a lecture on Biochemical Engineering.

11.9.2012 Dr. Wheeldon presents at the 6th annual Santa Fe Workshop on Materials for Energy Conversion: Bio-Nano Interfaces and Architectures for Energy Conversion.

Title: Enhancing enzyme and reaction cascade kinetics through enzyme co-localization.

10.31.2012 Dr. Wheeldon gives a talk at the Annual AIChE meeting in the Advances in Biocatalysis sesssion.

Title: Towards Understanding the Kinetic Enhancements in Spatially Organized Multi-Enzyme Structures.

09.10.2012 Gina Flores wins an undergraduate research award for the Fall quarter 2012. Congratulations Gina!

07.01.2012 Rene Henderson (UG) joins us for the summer with the HSI UG Research Program.

06.01.2012 Matt Lofgren and Michael Amendola join the lab for undergraduate research. Welcome to the lab!

07.01.2011 Aaron Lin to join the lab this summer!

07.01.2011 Coming soon, the opening of the Wheeldon Lab in the Chemical and Environmental Engineering Department at UC Riverside.

03.28.2011 Dr. Wheeldon presented a talk entitled Combinatorial biomaterials screening for cardiac endothelial-to-mesenchymal transformation and a poster entitled Benchtop high throughput screening: chemical library and live-cell microarrays for combinatorial drug screening at the National Spring meeting of the ACS in Anaheim, CA.

03.04.2011 Dr. Wheeldon and Dr. Ben Hatton presented a talk entitled From molecules to buildings: bioinspired engineering for adaptive architecture at the Building Centre in London, UK.