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2012-2013 Chapter Executive Board

Name Position Major Year Email
Daniel Ojo President Chemical Engineer 4th ucrnsbepres@gmail.com
Kayla Ross Vice President Environmental Engineering 3rd
Chiamaka Offorjebe Secretary 4th
Asante Maxwell Public Relations Biochemistry 2nd
Omolara Adenuga Programs Chair Chemical Engineering 4th
Amir Farah Treasurer Environmental Engineering 3rd
Excellence Chair Mechanical Engineering 4th bfelt001@ucr.edu
Dr. Victor Rodgers Faculty Advisor Bioengineering daneisha.slaughter@email.ucr.edu
Jaimie Stewart Graduate Advisor 3rd
Selik Samai Telecommunications Chair Computer Science 4th santo003@ucr.edu
Jordan James TORCH Chair 3rd

Faculty Advisor:Dr. Victor G. J. Rodgers, Professor of Bioengineering

Senior Testimonials

Ebube Agu
Mechanical Engineering
Current Position: President
Previous Positions: Treasurer (10-11), Public Relations Chair (09-10)

As graduation approaches and I look back on my college career, my involvement in NSBE proves to be the best decision I made. NSBE has given me the opportunity to represent something bigger than myself while working with other Black engineers towards similar national goals. NSBE has introduced me to so many people that I consider family and I am excited to enter the world knowing that I have this network of Black engineers to support me. If you are reading this I NEED you to understand one thing; without NSBE, I probably wouldn't be graduating or getting a job after graduation. I truly owe all my future successes to NSBE and every individual I ever interacted with during my active membership. NSBE at UCR, I salute you! #Work

Christopher Webb
Mechanical Engineering
Previous Positions: President (10-11)

NSBE has certainly shaped my life. I've been a member since my very first year and through it I have gained more opportunities than I could have ever expected coming into college. Being around so many educated Black students is intimidating! Haha, but none the less, the sense of family within this organization is unlike any other. Were the largest student run organization in the world, and yet we've never deviated from the sense of family. I thank nsbe for the peace of mind, the love, and the AMAZING trips- Yes I am an avid convention goer. Got the t-shirts and free stuff to prove. I look forward to taking with me what i've learned throughout my presidency and membership and using it to help myself and others around me.


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Accomplished Members

Elmer Thomas: 00-01 NSBE President; UC Leads Scholar; Currently in PhD program; 2003 Congressional Award for Leadership and Excellence; President of his own start-up company.

Kimberly Cross: 01-02 NSBE President; UC Leads Scholar; Currently in UCLA PhD program; currently NSBE Region 6 Parliamentarian; former NSBE Region 6 Chair; First place in NSBE Regional Technical Research Competition; Summer Fellowship at Cornell; 00-02 College Leadership Council President; 01-02 Equilon Leadership Award; 2003 Congressional Award for Leadership and Excellence

Korey Sewell: 02-03 NSBE President; UC Leads Scholar; former NSBE Region 6 Academic Excellence; Currently in PhD program at the University of Michigan.

Jason Owens: 03-04 NSBE Vice President; UC Leads Scholar; past NSBE Region 6 Finance chair.

Andre Clark: 05-06 NSBE Membership Chair; Currently in USC's MFA program in Interactive Media/MS program in Computer Science.

Penn Tasinga: 06-07 NSBE Vice President; 05-06 NSBE Treasurer; 2005 Summer Undergraduate Program in Engineering Research at Berkeley (SUPERB); Publication pending in California Engineer, ” Modeling NanoScale Beams In SUGAR”. Poster Presenter, SCCUR 2005.

Dorian Perkins: 06-07 NSBE President; 05-06 NSBE Vice President; Internship with Southern California Edison (SCE); 2006 Summer Undergraduate Program in Engineering Research at Berkeley (SUPERB); 06-07 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Pi Epsilon Chapter – President; 05-06 Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Pi Epsilon Chapter – Vice President. Poster Presenter, SCCUR 2006.

Bert Brumell: 06-07 NSBE Treasurer; UC Leads Scholar.

Nema Blyden: 06-07 PCI Chair; Summer internship with Intel.