Journal of Porous Media

Volume 13, Number 12






The Instability of a Developing Thermal Front in a Porous Medium. III  Subharmonic Instabilities

A. Selim & D.A.S. Rees


Buoyancy Opposed Mixed Convection in a Two-Sided Lid-Driven Differentially Heated Square Cavity Filled with a Porous Medium

E. Vishnuvardhanarao & M.K. Das


Laminar and Turbulent Flow through an Array of Cylinders

J.G.I. Hellström, P.J.P. Jonsson, & T.S. Lundström


New Modeling Approach for Heat and Mass Transfers during Sorption Phenomena in a Plane Adsorber

A. Zegnani, A. Mhimid, H. Dhahri, & K. Slimi




Implications of Evolutionary Equations in Elasticity of Porous Materials

M. Marin


A Note on the Darcy–Forchheimer–Brinkman Equation for Fully Developed Flow through a Porous Channel Bounded by Flat Plates

A.R. Ansari & A.M. Siddiqui