Journal of Porous Media

Volume 13, Number 2


Diffusion of Hydrogen in Porous Silicon-Based Sensors

T. Dzhafarov & S. A. Yuksel


Effect of Hall Currents on Interaction of Peristaltic Flow with Pulsatile Magnetofluid through a Porous


N. S. Gad


Porous Structure and Hydric Properties of Cob

F. Collet, M. Bart, L. Serres, & J. Miriel


Microscopic Modeling of the Two-Temperature Model for Conduction in Heterogeneous Media

D. A. S. Rees


The Stability of Evaporating Fronts in Porous Media

O. A. Plumb & A. Y. Klimenko


Technical notes


Viscous Dissipation and Ohmic Heating Effects on Magnetohydrodynamic Mixed Convection along a Vertical

Moving Surface Embedded in a Fluid-Saturated Porous

A. M. Rashad, A. Y. Bakier, & Rama Subba Reddy Gorla


Flow Through Anisotropic Porous Medium with Multiscale Log-Normal Conductivity

O. N. Soboleva & E. P. Kurochkina


Comparison Between Different Porous Bed (Porous Filter and Rods Bundle) in Open Channels

E. Keramaris