Journal of Porous Media

Volume 13, Number 3


On the Prediction of an Average Droplet Size Evolution during Transport in Homogeneous Porous

Media under Laminar Flow Conditions

F. A. Coutelieris


Three-Dimensional Modeling of the Evaporation of Volatile Hydrocarbons from Anisotropic Porous


A.G. Yiotis, I. N. Tsimpanogiannis, & A. K. Stubos


A Critical Review of Hygrothermal Models Used in Porous Building Materials

J. M. P. Q. Delgado, N. M. M. Ramos, E. Barreira, & V. P. de Freitas


Heat Transfer of Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow in a Channel Lined with Porous Layers under Thermal

Nonequilibrium Conditions

M. Abkar, P. Forooghi, A. Abbassi, & M. M. Aghdam


Technical notes


On the Vertical Velocity Component Effects on Sound Wave Propagation of a Stationary or Flowing

Fluid in a Cylindrical Tube Filled with a Porous Media

H. M. Dwairi & H. M. Duwairi


Phase Deterministic Modeling of Water Vapor Retention in Porous Media and Its Potential in

Unsaturated Flow Application

Y. Wang


Mixed Convection of a Composite Porous Medium in a Vertical Channel with Asymmetric Wall

Heating Conditions

J. P. Kumar, J. C. Umavathi, & B. M. Biradar


On Heat Transfer Analysis of a Magnetohydrodynamic Sisko Fluid through a Porous Medium

M. Khan & J. Farooq