Journal of Porous Media

Volume 4, Number 1

Experimental Tests of Enhancements of Vapor Diffusion in Topopah Sring Tuff
Dorthe Wildenschild and Jeffery J. Roberts

Convective Flow and Heat Transfer in an Inclined Composite Porous Media
M.S. Malashetty, J.C. Umavathi, and J. Prathap Kumar

Effect of Viscous Dissipation on Mixed Convection in a Non-Darcy Paorous Medium
P.V.S. N. Murthy

Boiling on Coated Surfaces and in Porous Structures
Henry F. Smirnov

Thermosolutal Instability of a Compressible Finite Larmor Radius, Hall Plasma in a Porous Medium

Natural Convection Due to Solar Radiation from a Vertical Plate Embedded in a Porous Medium with Variable Porosity
Ali. J. Chamkha, Camille Issa, and Khalil Khanafer

Effect of Slip on the Flow Between Eccentric Cylinders
S. Meena and P. Kandaswamy

Repairing Bone Defects Using a Porous Bioactive Ceramic: A Clinical Report of 40 Cases
Zhang Cong, Wang Jianxin, Feng Huaizhi, and Zhang Xingdong

Comments on 'Fully Developed Free Convection in Open-Ended Vertical Channels Partially Filled with Porous Material' by M.A. Al-Nimr and O.M. Haddad
D.A. Nield

Closure: Reply to the Comments of D.A. Nield
M.A. Al-Nimr and O.M. Haddad