Journal of Porous Media

Volume 4, Number 2

Heat Transfer with Propane Evaporation from a Porous Wick of Heat Pipe
L.L. Vasiliev, A.S. Zhuravlyov, M.N. Novikov, and L.L. Vasiliev, Jr.

The Performance of Miscible Enhanced Oil Recovery Displacements in Geostatistically Generated Permeable Media Using Horizontal Wells
Ridha B. Gharbi and Ali. A. Garrouch

Nonlinear Study of Stratified Fluid Through Porous Media
N. Rudraiah

Effects of Heterogeneity in Forced Convection in a Porous Medium: Parallel-Plate Channel, Asymmetric Property Variation, and Asymmetric Heating
D.A. Nield and A.V. Kuznetsov

Analytical Solutions of Fluid Flows Through Composite Channels
A.K. Al-Hadhrami, L. Elliot, D.B. Ingham, and X. Wen

Darcy's Law for a Heterogeneous Porous Medium
F. Moura Neto and S.T. Melo

Natural Convection from a Vertical Plate in a Saturated Porous Medium: Nonequilibrium Theory
A.A. Mohamad

Transient Pulsating Flow in Channels Partially Filled with a Porous Material
M.A. Al-Nimr, M.A. Hader, and Malak Naji

Transient Natural Convection in Differentially Heated Porous Enclosures: Corrected Abstract
A.A. Merrikh and A.A. Mohamad