Journal of Porous Media

Volume 4, Number 3

Experimental Study of a Staged Methane/Air Burner Based on Combustion in a Porous Inert Medium
O. Pickenäcker and D. Trimis

Flow and Heat Transfer Within segregated Beds of Solid Particles
A.A. Mohamad and G. A. Karim

Effect of a Traveling Thermal Wave on Weakly Nonlinear Convection in a Porous Layer Heated from Below
Nurzahan Banu and D. A. S. Rees

Analysis of Melt Infiltration into a Moving Bundle of Fibers Relevant to Processing of Metal Matrix Composite Wires
U. Narusawa, J. T. Blucher, and D. Goldthwaite

A Novel Porous Membrance Ractor for a Controllable Butene Oxidative Reaction
Laianjun Wang, Shanhai Ge, Changhou Liu, and Zhihua Li

A combined Use of Direct Search Alghorithms and Exterior Penalty Function Method for Groundwater Pollution Management
Ashok K. Keshari and Bithin Datta

Radiation and Flow Through a Porous Medium
A. Raptis