Journal of Porous Media

Volume 4, Number 4

Simulation of Two-Phase Flow Through Anistropic Porous Media
Abdelaziz Al-Khlaifat and Hamid Arastoopour

Convection with Phase Change During Gas Formation from Methane Hydrates via Depressurization of Porous Media
L. A. O. Rocha, M. Neagu, A. Bejan, and R. S. Cherry

An Extended Capillary Model for Flows in Porous Media
G. Massarani and A. Sliva Telles

Forced Convection Heat Transfer with Evaporation in a Heat Generating Porous Medium
R. Ghafir and G. Lauriat

The Hydraulic Permeability of Periodic Arrays of Cylinders of Varying Size
T. D. Papathanasiou

Heat Transfer to Power-Law Fluid Flows Through Porous Media
B. K. Rao