Journal of Porous Media

Volume 13, Number 10






Modeling Transport in Porous Media by Control Volume Analysis

F. Civan


A Numerical Study on the Second Law Analysis of the Flame Stabilization and Optimization in a Porous Burner

M. Bidi, M.R.H. Nobari, M.S. Avval, & A.Yarahmadi


Dynamic Analysis of PorousMedia in Time Domain using a Finite Element Model

M.P. Khiavi, A.R.M. Gharabaghi, K. Abedi


A New Model for Permeability Reduction Rate Due to Calcium Sulfate Precipitation in Sandstone Cores

H.A. Tahmasebi, M. Soltanieh, R. Kharrat




Linear Stability Analysis of Convective Flow in a Mushy Layer with a Non-UniformMagnetic Field and Permeable Mush–Liquid Interface

M.S. Muddamallappa, D. Bhatta, & D.N. Riahi


Steady and Transient Investigation of Generalized Couette Flow in a Composite Channel with Suction and Injection

M.L. Kaurangini & B.K. Jha


Discussion: Vortex Instability of Mixed Convection Boundary Layer Flow Adjacent to a Non-Isothermal Horizontal Surface in a PorousMedium

with Variable Permeability

D.A.S. Rees & I. Pop