Journal of Porous Media

Volume 13, Number 9


Kelvin–Helmholtz and Rayleigh–Taylor Instability of Streaming Fluids with Suspended Dust Particles Flowing Through Porous Media

R.P. Prajapati & R.K. Chhajlani


Magnetogravitational Instability of Thermally Conducting Rotating Viscoelastic Fluid with Hall Current in Brinkman Porous Medium

M.F. El-Sayed & R.A. Mohamed


Non-Darcy Mixed Convection in a Fluid-Saturated Square, Porous Enclosure under Suction Effect: Part II

S.V.S.S.N.V.G. Krishna Murthy, B.V. Ratish Kumar, V. Sangwan, M. Nigam, &P. Chandara


Constitutive Modeling for Plasticity of Metal Powders During Compaction

G. Aryanpour & M. Farzaneh




Heat and Mass-Transfer Flow Past a Vertical Porous Wall with Variable Heat and Mass Flux

A.K. Singh


Rotating Flow of a Generalized Burgers' Fluid with Slip Condition

T. Hayat, S. Najam, & S. Asghar


Heat-Transfer Analysis of MHD Flow Due to a Permeable Shrinking Sheet Embedded in a Porous Medium with Internal Heat Generation

N. Fadiya Mohd Noor, M. Ismoen, & I. Hashim