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Postdoctoral research position in Analyses of Biological and Biomimetic Materials

Employer: University of California, Riverside
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled
Anticipated Start Date: 12/01/2019 ‐ 11/30/2020
Anticipated Position Duration: 1 ‐ 2 years

Job Description

Postdoctoral research position opening in the area of biomimetics and biological composite materials. We are a research group investigating ultrastructure-mechanical property relationships in biological materials with the ultimate goal of producing strong and tough composites. The research is at the intersection of materials science, chemistry, biology and mechanics.

The projects specifically involve the ultrastructural (i.e., microscopic and spectroscopic) analyses, as well as mechanical testing of biological materials. Extensive experience with transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is required.

In addition, experience working with nano-microstructural analyses of biological composites and biominerals is desirable. This includes extensive expertise with SEM, FIB, TEM, Raman and FTIR. Additional merit will be considered for those with polymer / fiber synthesis experience and mechanical testing. Strong oral and writing skills are required. Selection will place emphasis on expertise, experience and previous publication record. A great opportunity to pursue highly interdisciplinary science and have an opportunity to interact with PIs and researchers with diverse scientific backgrounds.

Interested applicants should send a detailed CV, along with a list of publications, and at least three letters of recommendation, preferably via email, to Prof. David Kisailus (david@engr.ucr.edu), 343 Materials Science and Engineering Building, 900 University Avenue, Riverside, CA 92507. In the cover letter, delineate specifically how your skills can be applied to the work in this lab.


Professor David Kisailus, Ph.D.
Biomimetics and Nanostructured Materials Lab
Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering Program
MSE Building Room 343
University of California at Riverside
Phone: 951-827-4310
Email: david@engr.ucr.edu

Seeking Focused Undergraduates

Our lab is always seeking undergraduates ‐ please contact David Kisailus
at david@engr.ucr.edu if interested in applying.