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1- A general Set of Bioheat Transfer Equations Based on the Volume Average Theory


2- Mathematical Models of Mass Transfer in Tissue for Molecular Medicine with Reversible Electroporation


3-Hydrodynamics in Porous Media with Applications to Tissue Engineering


4-Biomedical Implications of the Porosity of Microbial Biofilms


5-Influence of Biofilms on Porous Media Hydrodynamics


6- Using Porous Media Theory to Determine the Coil Volume Needed to Arrest Flow in Brain Aneurysms


7-Lagrangian Particle Methods for Biological Systems


8- Passive Mass Transport Processes in Cellular Membranes and their Biophysical Implications


9- Skin Electroporation: Modeling Perspectives


10- Application of Porous Media Theories in Marine Biological Modeling


11- The transport of Insulin-Like Growth Factor through Cartilage


12-Biotechniological and Biomedical Applications of Magnetically Stabilized and Fluidized Beds


13- In situ Characterizations of Porous Media for Applications in Biofuel Cells: Issues and Challenges


14- Spatial Pattern Formation of Motile Microorganisms: From Gravtactic Bioconvection to Protozoan Culture Dynamics