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David Kisailus

Winston Chung Endowed Professor in Energy Innovation

Professor, Chemical & Environmental Engineering

Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2002



University of California, Santa Barbara
PhD, Materials Science and Engineering

GaN thin film synthesis via chemical solution deposition; Nanocrystal synthesis; Scanning and Transmission Electron Microscopy

Max–Planck Institut Fuer Metallforschung
Materials Science and Engineering
1998 – 1998

Visiting Researcher Transmission Electron Microscopy Thin Film Semiconductor Synthesis

University of Florida
M.S., Materials Science and Engineering
1993 – 1996

Colloidal ceramic processing Processing and characterization of borosilicate – Si3N4 nanocomposites Polycarbosilane precursor synthesis using various catalysts for SiC fiber production