We are developing and characterizing new engineering tools and technology to provide innovative solutions for health-related problems, especially in the areas of stem cell-mediated regenerative medicine, low-cost medical diagnosis, and food security.

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Group members in Summer 2019

What's new?

February 15, 2018
Brent and Mick's work has been accepted for an oral presentation at Biosensors 2018 in Miami, FL.
February 14, 2018
Prof. Tsutsui gave a seminar at UCR Bioengineering Department.
February 3-7, 2018
RML members presented at SLAS 2018 in San Diego.
December 19 & 26, 2017
Prof. Tsutsui gave a seminar at University of Tokyo.
September 16, 2017
Brent, Sid, Jianhou, and Prof. Tsutsui hosted hands-on activity sessions at Johns Hopkins CTY Bio-Nano Convergence Program.
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