For Postdoctoral Researchers

Currently, there is no opening for postdoctoral research at Regenerative Microengineering Laboratory. Please check back in the future or contact Prof. Tsutsui for the latest information.

For Graduate Students

There will be one or more positions available for highly motivated graduate students beginning in Fall 2023. We are conducting multi-disciplinary research at interfaces between engineering, life science, agriculture and medicine. Current ME graduate students who are interested in this opportunity should send an email to Prof. Tsutsui and include their CV and brief research interests. Prospective graduate students should consult the ME department's online information page for our graduate programs and admission. Please note that due to a large number of inquiries from prospective students outside the US, we can only respond to ones showing very strong match of research interests.

For Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate research in Regenerative Microengineering Laboratory provides students with opportunities to get involved with exciting hands-on research projects, leading to conference presentations and journal publications. Expected length of an undergraduate research project ranges from two quaters to two years. Some of our recent alumni are currently pursuing graduate degrees at instututions such as UCR, UCLA, Columbia, and U of Minnesota. Interested undergraduate students should send an email to Prof. Tsutsui and include their resume and brief research interests.