Jeasmin Lopez


The MentorSHPE program exists to create a friendly environment for participants to share knowledge and learn from one other. Participants get paired with a mentor/ mentee of the same or a similar major in hopes that they can be each other's support and help each other throughout the year. New to this year's program: Alumni! You won't want to miss this opportunity.


Monica Canto

Social Media

The Social Media committee is the medium for the online presentation of SHPE-UCR's participation in activities which are relevant to the five pillars of the organization. We aim to prevent the fear of missing out (FOMO) on what we are as a chapter overall, as well as our various involvements within our community!


Angelica Franco

Professional Development

The Professional Development committee strives to bring our members’ career pursuits to fruition. We aim to teach our members how to navigate professional situations and position themselves to be hired by top companies upon graduation by helping them get research and internships. If you're interested in seeing the Latino community at the forefront of STEM industries, join this committee!


Danny Becerra


As engineers (Stem majors in general), we focus the bulk of our educational careers buried in theory, MatLab, and just trying to pass our classes. This involves staying up late hours, lack of sleep, and unhealthy habits. When us students are so focused on trying to not get behind, we lose sight of the little details in our lives that keep our energy levels high and keep our brains chugging along. The Athletics committee’s main goal is to help SHPE members try and ditch those bad habits and replace them with a healthy lifestyle. This lifestyle can range from eating habits, workout techniques, active activities outside of school, sports, and most importantly help improve your mentality. If you’re a beginner and don’t really know where to start or just don’t like going to the gym or exercising by yourself, this committee is here to help transition you and make you a bit more knowledgeable about your body.


Luis Orellana

Industry Relations

Career fairs can be an intimidating event to approach. Industry Relations aims to help students approach career fairs & be more proactive in these events. At the end of the day, recruiters are humans too & they themselves can be nervous too at such events. One strategy to get better at selling yourself is to keep practicing and exposing yourself to said industry professionals at event. This committee has created a list of Southern California Career Fairs for Fall 2018. Another goal of this committee is to find industry tours. So far we are looking at a Chevron El Segundo Community Tour day on Saturday November 3.

Click here for the career fairs


Martha Anguiano


The tabling committee serves to grow the SHPE Familia and maintain the Familia Culture that makes everyone feel welcomed in this organization. Not only that, but members who join this committee will also be able to improve their presentation and communication skills. This year we will also encourage youth to pursue careers in STEM due to the new collaboration with the outreach committee.


Leslie de Jesus

Alumni Relations

The Alumni Relations Committee builds a relationship between students and SHPE alumni. Life after graduation can seem intimidating and you may want some advice, who better to advise you than our own alumni? Our committee plans and coordinates events so that students can mingle with alumni and build friendships. When you hear about our event make sure to stop by!


Steve Martinez


The projects committee works on a project year round from start to finish. That includes being able to learn new skills through the workshops provided in order to accurately understand the task at hand and complete it. The project gives an opportunity to see real world applications for your work and studies and the impact it can make. Along with being exposed to the inner workings of a project and managing a deadline outside of the classroom.


Steve Martinez


All of the amazing events put on by SHPE require a lot of support, both in finance and in labor. The proposals committee aims at being able to put together a sponsorship package in order for companies to send donations and fund these events. There are different components that go into creating a proposal which we aim to complete in a timely manner.


Nicholas Perez-Aguilar


The Webmaster committee is in charge of adding, updating, and maintaining of the SHPE @ UCR website. In this committee, we will be learning together how to program in HTML and CSS. We will learn together how to use online resources and our programming foundations in order to customize pages to our liking. If you are interested or even like what you are looking at, as you are on our site already, we will help you gain the necessary skills you need to keep the SHPE website up and running and teach you the fundamental and foundational skills in order to go off and create your own website.

Here is a place to start your journey, it is what we use: W3Schools


Brian Guadarrama


The SHPE socials committee is responsible for welcoming all new and current members to the organization through fun events such as potlucks, hikes, and more. A big importance of the committee is structuring friendships and connections that will outlive college after graduation. In the 2018-2019 year, we hope to plan more diverse and fun events in which everybody will feel included and enjoy. We hope to see you at one of our events soon so you can take a break and enjoy some amazing memories with your SHPE familia!


Julio Gutierrez


The Outreach committee is in charge of connecting our SHPE chapter and spreading it everywhere we go. We host events to learn more about STEM fields, provide opportunities to meet with professionals, connect our members with professionals in professional settings, help with gathering information that professionals need or jobs want, volunteer activities such as helping students out at different community schools, introducing students to life at college, and much more.